Community Council

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Options Community Council

The Options Community Council (OCC) is the governing body of the Options Program at Lincoln School. The Council also acts as the board of directors of the Options organization. Options is the non-profit organization created to support the education of children in accordance with the Options philosophy, overview, goals and curriculum as outlined in the Lincoln Options Handbook.

Council meetings occur on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm in the Lincoln library.

Minutes of the Lincoln Options Community Council meetings are available in the school office.



Options Design for Learning (ODL)

The Options Design for Learning (ODL) is a 3-5 year plan that both acknowledges past accomplishments and outlines a vision of the future. The initiatives in the plan define action steps, expected timeframes and responsibilities. These plans have resulted in numerous program innovations and improvements related to curriculum development and student learning assessment. Our ODL II document is available at our school office or download a pdf file here:

Lincoln Options Parent Survey

The Parent Partnership Committee conducted a survey in 2007 to get feedback from parents about the extent to which the program is achieving its stated goals, as outlined in the Lincoln Options Handbook. The results provide useful information about the perceived success of the Options program, including areas for further study and improvement. The findings have become part of the building block for the Options Community Council, Lincoln staff and parents.