Lincoln Native Garden

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Lincoln garden prior to overhaul

Lincoln Native Garden

Lincoln's native garden was planted in Spring of 2002 through the collaborative efforts of the City of Olympia, the Native Plant Salvage Project and the Lincoln Community. The Native Plant Salvage Project donated the plants, and Lincoln students designed and helped plant the garden. Paul Rocks along with a strong parent interest group and supportive staff worked to make this project a reality.

Maintenance such as weeding, raking leaves and spreading bark is done by the Lincoln Community. Each

 kindergarten class makes the garden "theirs" by planting a native plant of their own. The garden was intended to teach us how to use plants wisely to conserve water, but the fact is that the native garden is a source of wonder at Lincoln.Lincoln garden after overhaul

For some students that means the joy of playing in the garden's fallen leaves. 

For others the garden is a world made for hiding games. You will also see the garden's creative force in action as leaves, branches and rocks from this garden are the building blocks of Lincoln's many wondrous fairy houses (just take a look sometime!)

The native garden is used as part of the Lincoln science curriculum and in support of other learning projects. It gives students an opportunity to connect and develop a relationship with nature. It is truly a learning landscape.