The Lincoln Garden

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Volunteers and students working in the garden

The Lincoln Garden

The garden began in 1994 and has naturally become the soul of our Annual Harvest Festival celebration in September. Many of the festivities and activities of the Harvest Festival celebration involve children working with things grown in the garden. Each class participates in the planting, tending and harvesting of food and flowers the garden provides.

The garden continues to flourish with its 30 foot by 60 foot greenhouse, built by parents, children, and 

staff with the help of grants from the City of Olympia, Briggs Nursery, Lew Rents, and other local 

Two happy Lincoln student in their garden

businesses. It stands as testimony to our community's heart and commitment.

School families pitched in with money and thousands of hours of hard work.

The garden is now used extensively as part of the Lincoln science curriculum and in support of other learning projects. The garden also continues to provide a beautiful place of peace and holistic refuge for children during recess.