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February 26, 2021


Dear Friends,


  • In our closing meeting today I asked students in cohort A to answer the question - What did we do today? Here's their response:
  • We played! - with hula hoops (Maisie) and basketballs (Teddy).
  • We ate goldfish for last snack. This made Rowan smile.
  • We played with playdough. August made a whole family of snowmen. Madhu made a tiny baby dragon. Emmett made a candle out of playdough.
  • We read today. Dorothy read Super Mouse.
  • We went outside and some people dribbled! - reports Luca.
  • We worked on a class block sculpture.
  • We saw Paul.


Day 1 with cohort A was a big success. By dismissal time I felt like a superhero after a successful day. Then I realized that I still had the children's take-home papers in hand. Oops. I'll be reaching out tomorrow to lay out an outline for home-based learning. From there I'd love your support in the work of differentiating the plan for your child's needs.


I'm so excited to greet cohort B in less than an hour. Yay!




February 24, 2021


Good Morning Families,


It’s been a joy getting to know you all over the last two days. Thank you for your understanding and trust as we transition to this new game plan. We here at Lincoln have been thinking of Thursday and Friday of this week as the first day of school for hybrid kids in cohort A and B. After meeting with you I realized that you’ve had a break in your child’s schooling for the last few days. Your flexibility is appreciated while we iron out these wrinkles. The good news is our efforts are paying off – we’re following every safety standard and even more importantly we’ve begun creating in-person relationships with you all.


Our first official zoom class will be next Wednesday at 9 AM with both cohorts. If you get this in time I’d also love to see your kiddo today at 9 AM. I’ll read a book, sing a song, and celebrate another first day coming up quick. Here’s the link – no pressure, and I hope to see you. :)


Topic: Petrie's Reading Room

Meeting ID: 835 291 5160


With appreciation and anticipation,

~ Petrie


February 20, 2021


Dear Families of Lincoln’s K/1 Hybrid Class,


I am so happy to say that I will be your child’s teacher for the remainder of the school year. Please read this letter of introduction to learn about me, my teaching priorities, the dynamics of hybrid, and more. I am working on a classroom webpage that will be up and running by Wednesday the 24th, if not sooner. The website will include links for distance learning, a daily and weekly schedule, home-based learning assignments, the weekly newsletter, a picture of myself, and a message to my new students. Look for an email announcing the class webpage, coming soon.


About me

But… first things first - My name is Emily Calhoun Petrie. My students call me Petrie. I’ve been a teacher for 9 years. I joined the Lincoln staff 7 years ago. I’ve worked in kindergarten / first grade classrooms for the majority of my teaching career. Most recently I’ve been loving my job as a reading specialist. It brings me great joy to celebrate the hard work and persistence demonstrated by emergent readers. While I am sad to say goodbye to my reading students, I am also really happy to have the opportunity to lead a classroom again.


My spouse, our two children (Rustin age 3.5 and Callum age 6), and I live on the westside of Olympia. I am a proficient spanish speaker (more or less) and a member of Lincoln's sister school committee (we are partnered with Ruben Dario Elementary in Santo Tomas Nicaragua). My hobbies include downhill skiing, beach combing, kayaking, and collage/papercraft. I shaved my head recently - which is wild and adventurous. (To ease your mind I want to say - I am healthy and feeling better than I have in a long time. No worries there.) As we get to know each other over the next few months you’ll find that building meaningful relationships with students and families is to me one of the perks of this job. I am looking forward to joining with you as members of your child’s educational team.


Our hybrid classroom

I volunteered to teach kindergarten / first grade hybrid because I believe Lincoln’s education model is best for the students and families who seek out the Options program. Here at Lincoln we aim to develop a rigorous, student-led curriculum that develops each person’s understanding of our interconnectivity. I hope to lead both cohorts in a study of “what makes us the same” / “what makes us different.” Together we will consider what is the same throughout the world and what makes individuals and communities unique. If you have ideas or skills to share on the subject I’d love to hear your thoughts.


On the subject of Covid safety I am feeling grateful for all the work Marcela, our school nurse Joy, the district, and our OEA union partners have all put towards preparing the staff and building for the safest possible return to in-person learning. We have plenty of PPE for staff and students, new furniture and supplies will make individual student use possible, and plans are in place for every germ contingency we can think of. Marcela is knowledgeable and ready to discuss with you the policies and procedures that will keep us healthy and safe. Whenever possible I am happy to answer your questions as well. I ask that families and community members continue to advocate for teachers to access the vaccine ASAP so that we can all return to in-person learning.


In the first few weeks, each of the hybrid classes at Lincoln will focus on 1. learning classroom expectations and procedures and 2. building a classroom community. I am already organizing small groups for targeted skill lessons in math, writing, and reading. By mid-March I hope that each child’s home-based learning plan will reflect these small group goals and individual needs. When we meet to tour the classroom on Monday (cohort A) or Tuesday (cohort B), families will receive the first hybrid home-based learning assignment (one or two tasks that will help us as we get to know each other and build our learning community) and a choice board to give your distance learning time a little structure and direction.

Classroom supplies

We have nearly all the supplies we need to get this hybrid party started. In our effort to avoid germs we’re trying our best to avoid bringing materials back and forth from home to school. If you feel moved to donate to our classroom here’s my wish list:


  • Your donation of wide-mouth jars would be greatly appreciated. Lids and straws have been ordered to make for a reusable, under-the-mask hydration option.
  • Donations of individually packaged herbal tea would also add to our calm and contemplative learning experience.
  • A class supply of Individually-packaged snacks would also be a big help (families may choose to provide individual snack, graham crackers are available in the cafeteria, and donations to our classroom snack stash are gratefully accepted).
  • Feel free to send an individual snack packed separately from lunch (for example: snack in backpack and lunch in lunch box). Note - students have two snack opportunities each school day.


Thank you so much for your support and trust. I am honored to have the opportunity to be your child’s teacher. Please see the attached schedule for more information on what to expect in your child’s classroom.


I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I’m looking forward to getting to know your family.


Emily Calhoun Petrie

Email: [email protected]
Calendly Link: