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Families residing in the Lincoln Service Area and siblings of students are guaranteed access to the Options Program at Lincoln Elementary School. We also welcome new families in the Olympia School District residing outside the Lincoln Service Area who are interested in an alternative program through a lottery. The lottery, which takes place in the spring, determines the priority for enrolling new students. Attendance at an Enrollment Information Night is recommended for all potential students and required for out-of service area students who wish to participate in the lottery.


Children must be five years old on or before August 31st to attend Kindergarten and be eligible for participation in the lottery. Out-of service area families who are offered a position through the lottery will be asked to provide proof-of-residency prior to enrollment. Siblings of students currently enrolled must be living in the same household to be eligible for participation in the lottery. Out-of-service area siblings must begin the program in Kindergarten, or they will need to go through the lottery for enrollment admission in grades 1 through 5.


Per the Lincoln Options Handbook, enrollment priority is defined as follows:


Section C: Enrollment Criteria

Enrollment priority in the Options Program is granted to residents of the Olympia School District. If, prior to the first day of school, a student moves out of the Olympia School District, that student's spot in the program must be given up. If a move is made during the school year, the student may complete the year in the program. However, the school office needs to be informed of the move and an interdistrict transfer agreement must be entered into by the new home school district and the Olympia School District. In the following year, if the student continues to live outside the district, Section C.6 applies.


Students are admitted into the Options program in the following order:

Lincoln service area students.

Students continuing in the program from the previous year who:

  • Were admitted through the lottery and continue to live in the Olympia School District,
  • Were admitted as Lincoln service area students, lived in the service area and attended school at Lincoln for at least six months and subsequently moved to another residence within the Olympia School District boundaries.


Siblings of students in the program (Children living in the same household are considered siblings.) Sibling stagger policy: Siblings of graduates shall be given priority in kindergarten admission, equivalent to the priority given siblings of currently enrolled students. Families must follow the regular enrollment procedure.

Participants in the most recent spring lottery, based on the following prerequisites:


  • Parent(s)' attendance at an Enrollment Committee information meeting.
  • Submission of the lottery participation form by the cutoff date.
  • Residency in the Olympia School District (residency must be established by August 1).


Students on the Post Lottery Waiting List who reside in the Olympia School District.

Students living outside of the Olympia School District who attended Lincoln the previous year. Section C.7 applies with respect to siblings.

Students living outside the Olympia School District who have participated in the lottery. The out of district lottery spots are determined on an annual basis, i.e. if spaces become available for out of district students, they are only guaranteed for that year. Siblings are admitted only if out-of-district spots are available at their grade level. Historically, out-of-district families have not been offered spots, due to in-district demand.

We invite you to attend orientation meetings and to complete a program application. For more information about the Options Program and enrollment information, including schedules of classroom visitations and information about the Lincoln Options lottery process, please call Lincoln Elementary School at 360-596-6400 or the Enrollment Committee Chair, Mollie Gavigan at 360-870-0219.