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As a school we are jumpstarting the year using resources from an organization called the Responsive Classroom. In this approach we build classroom communities with a climate and tone of warmth and safety. Part of this teaching is to instruct the kids how the routines work, develop expectations for behavior around those routines and procedures. The students also learn how to care for the classroom, school, and materials.
Some of the common language we are using as a school focuses on social graces, skills for dealing with conflict, and ways of responding when adults and Para-educators need to intervene with students.
A few of the things you might hear at school this year are more "hellos, pleases, and thank yous" from students. When kids are feeling angry they are being taught TWA: T for Talk to the person; W for Walk away; A for find an Adult. If things are really heated between kids, the adult in charge may ask the student to Step Out, as a way of taking a break and re-centering. These skills can be practiced and reinforced at home.

Upcoming Field Trip
Our field trip will be to Burfoot Park on September 21. We will leave Lincoln around 9:30 am and carpool to Burfoot Park. We will have a low tide. If you are driving and need to update your insurance information see Wendy in the office. We will eat lunch at Lincoln.

Event Reminders
Harvest Festival is September 26, 9-12 pm Plan on attending this fun event. If you can volunteer to run an activity at the festival, please talk to Paul.

Weekly Class Newsletters
Week of September 14

Group shot on Mount Lincoln
This was taken at our class potluck August 2008. To download the photo click here and then under file in your top menu select "save as"

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