Parent Partnership

Active parent participation is vital for the success of the Options Program. Parents, extended family and community volunteers directly support the efforts of teachers and the children's learning. Parent involvement also is essential for field trips, enrichment activities, fundraising, school governance and social events. We welcome and appreciate the contributions of all families. Our program goal is for each adult to contribute one hour a week of program support.

You are invited. The Olympia School District welcomes and encourages volunteer involvement from parents and other members of the community. Every year, more than 3,600 citizens donate their time to Olympia schools, giving nearly 150,000 hours. At Lincoln examples of volunteer work include tutoring students, being a reading buddy, helping out in the school library or office, assisting teachers with daily assignments or special projects, being a guest speaker, driving on field trips, working in the school garden, help with tending the school chickens and serving on the Options Community Council (OCC). For more information on volunteering at Lincoln drop by or call Lincoln Elementary at (360) 596-6400.

Early Release Program Volunteers

The instructors for our Early Release Program (ER) are parents and professionals from our community who are willing to share their talents with the kids. We are always looking for volunteers to add to the diversity of ER's classes. What's your thing? Soccer, music, computers, collage, Spanish, magic, cuisine, Kung Fu, theater, beading, drumming, basketball, dance, get the idea! Whether you're interested in teaching just once, or on a regular schedule, please lend a hand if you can. Not only is it fun, it's another terrific way to support our teachers as they support our children! If you have an interest in leading a class, ideas for an activity, or any general questions please contact Lincoln at (360) 596-6400.